Here you are with a 13 year old reliable import with 268,000 miles on the odometer. The paint and interior and list of repairs needed outweigh any interest you have investing good money in a worn car. Your family has made subtle comments that it is time for a new or used car. You agree. All is go until you receive sticker shock at the price of new cars in 2013. Ouch!  

Fact: October 2012 average new car out the door price was 30,785.00 dollars. Ouch!

Fact: October 2012 average used car out the door price was 12.075.oo dollars. Oh, really?

In 2013, the economy is down, and it is still best to be careful taking a 5 year new car loan

Here are 8 great purchasing economic reasons why a used car may meet all your needs!

1.     Cars made in the last 10 years have vastly improved reliability and durability.

2.     New car prices keep growing: 5% last 3 years mainly by increased iron & copper costs!

3.     Technology improvements you want are fitted to late model cars, 3 to 5 years old.

4.     Many manufactures have longer warranties so many are still active on 5 year old cars.

5.     Modern engines have world class engineering and metallurgy that are proven durable.

6.     Today’s engine/ transmission oils are often synthetics and have improved engine life.

 7.     Safety margins have increased with each model redesign and side impact air bags.

8.     Insurance rates are lower for later model cars because of safety improvements

Don Wollum Senior Master ASE Technician and owner of Tech Check Mobile Auto Inspections;