After a record setting cool spring, Summer will push our highway temperatures above 100F!


Here are 10 helpful recommendations to help you and your car make through the hot spells:     

  1. Was oil changed in 2013? If not, change oil and service fluid levels, and inspect for good tires & brakes.
  2. When parked outside, leave each window lowered by 1 inch to vent the hot interior air to the outside.
  3. Set the air conditioning on 78 degrees, keep windows closed, follow posted speeds to improve MPG.
  4. Keep the fuel tank above a quarter tank; keeping the fuel pump immersed in liquid avoids vapor lock.
  5. In heavy rain: slow to 45 MPH, turn on headlights & flashers, avoid deep puddles where tires loose grip
  6. Do windows steam inside? Look for restricted A/C condensation drains causing water to drain into car, not underneath and outside car as it should.
  7. An organic smell is likely from #6 above where water seeps in carpets and molds, or cabin air filter dirty  
  8. Overheating or steam up front: pull over, stop engine, open hood, wait 1 hour to open rad cap to refill*
  9. Carry a gallon water, cell phone, AAA or towing roadside assistance, white towel assistance needed flag 
  10. Do not tow a trailer, camper or a boat unless your car/truck was bought with factory towing package.

 * Car cooling systems operate up to 15 pound pressures and are as hot as 235F. NEVER REMOVE CAP UNLESS ENGINE HAS BEEN OFF FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR WITH THE HOOD OPEN TO VENT EXCESS HEAT