Tips for Winter Car Preparations and Safety 

Technicians recommend that you service your car twice a year-Spring & Fall

An easy to remember tip is to use Daylight Savings Time: 2013: March 10 & Nov 2         

Use month of November as Your “second” servicing event of 2013

  1. 1.   Non-synthetic conventional oil is changed at 6 months & 6,000 miles
  2. 2.   Full-synthetic (Mobil One) oil is changed at 12 months & 12,000 miles 
  3. 3.   Change dirty summer motor oil & filter, use same viscosity all year
  4. 4.   Check all wiper blades for torn rubber and replace any torn blades
  5. 5.   Set tire pressure to 32 lb cold or to the value listed in owner’s manual
  6. 6.   Check the brake and power steering fluids inside the engine bay
  7. 7.   Fill washer reservoir using blue for above +150F, yellow under +150F
  8. 8.   Check tire tread using a quarter (picture above) Is George’s hair covered?
  9. 9.   Engage emergency + headlights: walk around to verify all lamps work
  10. 10.         With engine off + motor cold: visually check belts & hoses for cracks
  11. 11.         With engine off + motor cold: visibly verify is coolant in the reservoir*

*Careful consult owner’s manual for exact coolant type used in your car!

General automotive coolant information:

Long life coolant lasts 5 years or 100,000 miles, beyond 5 years acid develops     

Blue/green coolants last about 2 years/ 30,000 miles, or acid develops

Information by Don Wollum, owner Tech Check Mobile Auto Inspections: